Eziklean™ Customized Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment


Eziklean™ Customized Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment & Chemicals

The EziKlean™ ULTRASONIC cleaning Equipment in combination with our specialized Eziklean™ Ultrasonic Cleaning Chemicals is a customized plug-and-play solution for almost all of your cleaning needs. Nuristaa (Pvt.) Ltd. provides customized design and manufacture ultrasonic machines in collaboration with latest innovative German technology for heavy duty cleaning applications in Aviation, Industrial and Commercial cleaning tasks.

Eziklean™ Customized Industrial Part Washing Equipment


We provide our customers with best and efficient customized and quality part and pressure washing units.
Our team of engineers aims to provide our customers with effortless, safe, and precision cleaning machines that results in increased overall efficiency and decreases labor costs and cleaning time.
We provides customized machines along with compatible and efficient cleaning chemicals according to client needs.