Eziklean™ Surface Treatment Process Design and Automation


De-greasing, Pre Paint Treatment, Surface treatment, Washing and Cleaning Process Automation and Process Design. Nuristaa Pvt Ltd specializes in manufacturing automated cleaning and washing units for:

Automobile Parts manufacturing Industry.
Vehicle, Military tanks, locomotive Engine and Cabins and Process tanks, etc washing.
Aircraft Washing and Ship Washing.
Plastic and Glass Jar, Bottles and Molds industry.
Textile and Printing industry.

You Think We Make..!

Nuristaa Pvt Ltd has dedicated engineering and technical team which identify problems in your process and can meet virtually any technical and operational specification to make your process efficient, safe, and clean including but not limited to the following industrial processes.

EziKlean™ Part Feeding/Loading System
EziKlean™ Conveyors or Overhead Crane Systems
EziKlean™ Jet Spray Pre-Washing Unit
EziKlean™ Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit
EziKlean™ Fresh Water Jet Spray Post-Washing Unit
EziKlean™ Passivation Unit
EziKlean™ Part Unloading System