Patent Nuristaa® Pakistan (Applied)

A Revolutionary Single Stage MulitPurpose & MultiSurface Cleaner, De-Greaser and Corrosion Inhibitor that De-Grease the oldest grease, removes the Scales & Rust, provides Anti-Corrosive protection, gives excellent Adhesion before paint on metal and non-metal surfaces, Demulsifies the Oil, , Purifies the contaminated hard water and soil, Disinfects and provide Antiseptic protection and much more without any health side effects. It substitutes for products ranging from as Household use to as high tech as Aviation and Weapon Systems.


BOEING Certified
Eziklean™ is Certified for Boeing D6 17487 Revision T, Exterior and General Cleaning and Liquid Waxes, Polishes and Polishing Compounds. It not only Degreases but also provide Corrosion Protection of Aircraft Body and Engine and other Aviation equipment.
Non Acidic
Eziklean™ is Non Acidic with pH 10 and is not a solvent. Eziklean™ can replace all industrial cleaning detergents that uses solvents made of oil products, alcohols, trichloroethylene, caustic soda compositions and acids. Eziklean™ can be used for in-process washing and cleaning of components and assembly units before applying electrolytic, lacquer, enamel and other protective coating in Industry.
Eziklean™ is Certified MILITARY SPECIFICATION Compliant for Degreasing, Rust removal, Corrosion prevention and General Purpose cleaning. It Conforms to MIL-PRF-23377 type 1, MIL-PRF-85285 type 1, MIL-25690 type C, MIL-C-85704B, MIL-C-10578, MIL-C-23411… etc
Food Grade
Eziklean™ is Certified FOOD GRADE Cleaner. It is Certified Fit for Human Consumption (Free from Heavy Metals) and can be used in Food Industry. It also removes water hardness by the process of Demulsification which makes it an excellent Water Softener. Its working principle is based on selective long chains of hydrocarbon compounds that provide removal of organic pollutants (oil products, rusts, carbon, heavy metals..etc).
AIRBUS Compliant
Eziklean™ is Compliant to Airbus AIMS 09-00-002 Exterior and General Cleaning of Aircraft and Aviation Equipment. It is Certified to CONFORMS to ASTM F-1110, ASTM F-483, ASTM F-519/MIL-STD-870, AMS P-83310 and ASTM F-484 Compliance.
Non Corrosive
Eziklean™ is Reusable, Non Corrosive, Non Combustible, Non Toxic, Non Abrasive, Non Oncogenic, 100% Soluble in water and totally Biodegradable. When getting into biological sewage purification facilities, it does not cause damage to them. It is an active demulsifier and even on pouring used solution into drains it will provide continuous cleaning operation and corrosion protection inside sewage pipes.


Military   Industrial   Commercial   Domestic   Agriculture


Cleaner DeScaler Purifier Demulsifier Degreaser & Rust Protector


Safe For You
Military Grade
Non Toxic
Responsible Living
Food Grade
Non Flammable
Water Softener
Non Corrosive
Environment Friendly
Airbus 09-00-002 Compliant